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Eagle Air Conditioning installs and services all types and makes of commercial and industrial boilers. We work on gas as well as oil burners including fuel oil number 4 and 6. We will repair any type of boiler.
We recommend and install boilers by:

H.B. Smith
A O Smith

Eagle installs, repairs, and services PVI Water Heaters, and all makes
of commercial and industrial Water Heaters.

Eagle has a specialized boiler cleaning division to professionally clean all types of oil burners, including makes no-longer in production such as Hev-E-Oil.
Before your current contractor tells you that your boiler needs to be replaced, call us, we fix what others can't!

Eagle installs Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Boilers have low maintenance costs if they are installed and maintained properly. But there are a few important service procedures necessary to ensure the safety and energy efficiency of your building.

This is a short description of what we do to keep your boiler operating efficiently and smoothly
  • Open all hatches and flu pipes and professionally clean the entire boiler. Please note that Eagle Air Conditioning has an entire division solely for cleaning boilers.
  • Replace all gaskets and fire-wool as needed
  • Remove any and all clogs in piping.
  • Clean and inspect all low-water cut offs, as well as every limit and safety device.
  • Clean, inspect and maintain burner, pilot, nozzle and electrodes.
  • Ensure gas valve is operational, if applicable.
  • Test and ensure proper functionality of dampers, blower motors and/or oil pumps
  • Make adjustments to ensure proper combustion is occurring, keeping your building safe and efficient.
  • Trouble shoot any boiler systems problems as necessary

Please call Eagle today for any of your commercial or industrial boilers needs.

Expansion Tanks:
Eagle installs and engineers all sizes of expansion tanks from small commercial buildings to sky-scrapers. 

We Install Petrometers and have the capability of installing hardware that monitors your fuel delivery, notifying you via E-mail, phone call or text message of daily usage, and how many the fuel company actually delivered. You can never unexpectedly run out of a fuel again!

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